Contemporary Artist & Poet.


As an artist of sight, i intend to make space for the unseen to be noticed. Art has the ability to heal as much as it holds the power to destroy and that to me is what true beauty is. It is a harmonious battle created within two forces where life has the opportunity to flow between. Having been shaped by the dark spaces, there reveals a point within one world which opens to the other. A place i have found the unknowable to be most true. Where mysteries are best left without reason.


Both my art and poetry are driven by a deep passion to articulate story from a formidable point of view, merging into a unique experience on the evolution of our past and what inspires us. Through the exploration of colour, form, texture, words, and an intuitive juxtaposition of the internal and external world, i wish to curate a mirrored reflection within each piece. The way of the artist is an immersement of the senses which ultimately leads the viewer or the reader back home to themselves. A moment in hope, one may also experience this space where the veil gently lifts.

This is my main source of inspiration. The way the light plays with the mystery, the polarities of life, and the cycle of our evolution. I am also deeply inspired by spiritual themes, iconographic art, the naked body, the whole of nature, culture, architecture, drapery, patterns, and the great masters of the renaissance period. These influences in my art are like drawing breath - they are an endless source. Every piece i paint somehow shows up in my life and it is my wish that this wonder also reveals itself to you through my work.


My art journey, like all else, is life long. Weaving two worlds into tangible realities, to me, is the northern star. Ever attained, never reached. As the pain revolutionises into strength, and the unknown becomes known, my work lies in reaching closer piece by piece and sharing what i can carry back.

It is a story towards self, towards knowledge, and ultimately towards love. It is a search, a conquer, a deep understanding.

A silent one. One that opens to the wonder of today and invites us in.


A reminder that we hold the key all along.